Shower Screens


Many people find shower screens one of the biggest problems to keep looking clean. The build up of soaps, chemicals and water residue often leaves them with a cloudy appearance. A Crystalglaze treatment will restore the original clarity of your screens, giving them the 'as new' look. Plus it will keep them looking that way.


For new and existing glass screens

Glass Roofs  / Conservatories


Being heavily exposed to the weather, any marks and build up of grime become evident when the sun comes out.

A Crystalglaze treatment will ensure your glass will not need cleaning as often, and when it does need cleaning, it will be much easier.



Protect your windows from a build up of grime, salt spray and residue. Even after ordinary cleaning, most windows retain a level of residue. Crystalglaze acts by repelling substances that can adhere to the glass over time. You not only have to clean your windows less often, the surface grime just comes away, leaving your windows looking 'brand new'



Splashbacks end up with all manner of water, soap and oil residue. When cleaned they often retain a 'smeared' appearance. Keep your splashbacks looking pristine with the Crystalglaze treatment

Pool Fences


Over time, salt, chlorine, minerals and other contaminants will deteriorate and damage your pool fence.

Because the treatment is 100% UV stable and chemical resistant, it is perfect for glass pool fencing.

Prevent salt and chlorinated water damage.

Easier to clean off salt, chlorine and water staining.

Exceptional durability - a once only application will last 10 years.



Like all glass, any dirt and build up of grime, salt spray etc. will become obvious.

A once only application will eliminate the need for intensive cleaning, repelling even water.

Your balustrade will keep cleaner longer