Glass & Ceramic Coating


The treatment is a permanent anti-stick protection coating that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, that will cut the time cleaning your glass and ceramic surfaces by up to 90%. The coating is completely invisible, extremely durable and instantly repels most substances that come into contact with it.


     * Once only application

     * Easy to clean surface

     * 100% UV stable

     * No more need for harsh and toxic cleaning chemicals

     * 600% more durable than competitors

     * Environmentally friendly

     * Stable against salt spray

     * Prevent glass corrosion / glass cancer

     * Keep clean for longer


     * Quick drying time - 1 hour


     * Warranty:      

         10 years on new glass

           5 years on existing glass


Perfect for shower screens, pool fences, glass balustrading, glass roofs, conservatoriums, windows, ceramics......

Residential and Commercial applications, Apartments,...


Protect your glass investments