CrystalGlaze specialises in the application of permanent easy to clean coating solutions for the protection of glass and ceramic surfaces. We use an innovative product developed through an advanced nanotechnology process to combat and resist dirt, fungus and mould as well as corrosion from salt and chlorine for up to 10 years.
The upshot is that the tedious task of cleaning shower screens, pool fences, balustrades and windows is ever so easy. Sparkling clean surfaces can be achieved without elbow grease or tedium, as brilliant minds bring technology inside the home to eliminate hours of boring, tiring housework.
The CrystalGlaze treatment is a completely invisible, durable, 100% UV stable, anti stick permanent protective coating that is applied to glass and ceramic surfaces and which will cut your time cleaning by up to 90%. It is also environmentally (and wallet) friendly because once the glass has been treated there is no need to use harsh or toxic chemicals to maintain the pristine look.
Over time, glass and ceramic surfaces lose their lustre because grime and mineral deposits build up on the surface. Their porous nature leads to deterioration and pitting, increasing susceptibility to dirt and grime build up. A once only CrystalGlaze treatment makes the surface so smooth it is difficult for anything to stick to it.
CrystalGlaze is a professional, specialist application business, licensed to apply the Nanokote treatment which carries the Nanokote warranty: 10 years when applied to new glass and 5 years to existing glass.
Developed in conjunction with the CSIRO, Nanokote (a division of Micronisers Pty Ltd) the treatment is ideal for all glass installations from showers screens, pool fences, balustrades, glass roofs, windows.....

In a recent independant durability test, Nanokote outperformed its nearest competitor by 600% !