Protect by sealing your glass

                              Make Any Glass Easy To Clean

                       No more scrubbing


Glass protection for shower screens, balustrades, pool fences,   glass roofs, skylights, windows, splashbacks........


Although glass feels smooth, it has many microscopic pits and grooves which over time allows the buildup of impurities, mould, lime scale, hard water deposits and all manner of other grime to adhere to the surface. This makes the surface look dull and cloudy, and difficult to clean, and could permanently damage the glass.


CrystalGlaze stops this corrosion by sealing the surface. Cleaning is a breeze - no more scrubbing. All it takes is water and a wipe with a cloth or squeegee.


The treatment is guaranteed for 10 years on new glass..

Existing glass can often be rejuvenated, with the treatment guaranteed for 5 years.